• Create Account

  1. Visit

  2. Choose your Planned Secondary School click Create Account

  3. Have an account? Enter your email/password in the Existing User box

Forgot your password? Click on “Forgot your password?”

  • Link with a Teacher

  • You may need to link with your Teacher as part of a class activity

  • From your Home Screen, click on the Toolbox and select My Links

  • Click Add Teacher, find your teacher and click Send Request

  • Complete 100% Progress

  • From your Home Screen, mouse over each box and review the requirements

  • Click on any box to get started and complete an activity

  • Once you complete every activity, your progress tracker will reach 100%

  • Each September the tracker will reset and you will have new activities to complete

  • Build Your Profile

  • Click on My Profile to review your profile

  • Click Add in any feature to update the section

  • You can share your profile by clicking Share Your Profile