SEA Laptop Protocol

September 19, 2014

Dear Parents / Guardians:

The Specialized Equipment Amount (SEA) is a process by which we provide students with tools to assist their learning rather than a cure to a learning disability.  A positive attitude, regular practice and skill development are very important factors that teachers, students and parents must reinforce with students around learning technology.  Also, commitment to technology training and use at school and at home and good keyboarding skills will help students achieve success and access the curriculum.  The ultimate goal for students with SEA in grade 7/8 is to prepare them for high school.  Most students receive specialized equipment just before or during grade 7/8 ad require a great deal of support and time to develop skills and competencies that will enable them to use their technology successfully in grades 9-12.

Specialized Equipment is stored in the resource room.  Student can access their laptops in Student Services in building one, located up the hall from our main office.  Students are responsible to pick up their laptops before home base when needed and transport them throughout their day to classes in their protective carrying cases.  It is important to note that laptops MUST be stored SECURELY in student lockers during phys-ed classes and at lunch time.  At the end of the day students must bring their laptops back to Student Services, place them neatly in their designated charging slots and ensure that the charger is plugged in.  Leaving laptops in their cases on top of the charging carts will result in the loss of transporting laptops to classes.  Once students reach high school, equipment is stored in the library and is signed out by the student when it is required.

SEA is considered an alternate program and involves a tremendous amount of time and energy on the part of students, parents and teachers.  In order for students to develop the required skills to become independent and proficient with technology they will require an alternative schedule for skill development.   There may be times when students are withdrawn for a period of time from their classes to work with our SEA trainer Mr. Fox or myself.

The following websites are great tools for students / parents to help them gain a better awareness around the available learning technology software.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me at the school.


Chris Card

Gr. 7 Resource Teacher / Gifted Coordinator