Our school chapel is open daily to all students and staff.   It is located near the main entrance across from the main office.

The chapel can be reserve by all teachers for class prayer and reflection in accord with Chapel Use Guidelines.


The 2017 - 2018 spiritual theme for the Ottawa Catholic School Board is: "Sent to be the Good News".  At the heart of this call to unity is a universal need, that “ every person is on a pilgrimage, seeking to encounter others like themselves. The greatest need of all is the need to be loved. But we pass by one another without noticing, without stopping, without the slightest sign of recognition. This is why modern men and women daily come closer and closer to despair, and why they frantically continue to search for the one who will love them.” (Catherine Doherty)

By the grace of God we seek to actively recognize the dignity and potential of each person we meet through our prayer and reflection; in our words and everyday actions; throughout our educational program and extracurricular activities.

Chaplaincy Department

Welcome to the St. Patrick’s Chaplaincy office. 

Our chaplain is Father Zenon.

The role of Catholic School Chaplaincy is to provide faith leadership inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a spirit of hospitality, solidarity and respect for all.

Our services include:
  • Daily prayer for staff and students.
  • Liturgical celebrations in keeping with the liturgical seasons.
  • Communal prayer and reconciliation services.
  • Spiritual retreats for students and staff.
  • Faith development workshops for students.
  • Faith leadership workshops for staff.
  • Character formation and religious education resources for religion teachers.
  • Pastoral counseling & coaching for students, staff and families.
  • Coordination of school-wide social justice initiatives and sustainability projects.

The chaplaincy office is located across from the main office and is open every Wednesday & Friday (and every second Monday) between 8:00am.- 2:30pm.

Appointments are available outside regular office hours upon request.

Parish Links


685 Walkley Road
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1100 Kenaston Street
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